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Email Marketing

E-mails are one of the most effective and engaging ways to represent about your products, services, latest happenings in your company including photos and videos along with staying in touch with your existing as well as promising clients and Creator9 Studios is the best platform for availing all.

Our company’s e-mail marketing services will help you to spread the word about your business and its offerings not only to a mass scale but also to the targeted audience in a more appealing way. Having extensive years of experience in the e-mail marketing and promotion business, we have a specialized team comprising e-mail marketing and data management experts who are well aware of deploying bulk e-mails, mass e-mails and even third party e-mails to businesses of every scope and sizes varying from small establishments to bigger corporations to exhibiting agencies and more.

No matter how small or big is your campaign, our expertise has both skills and technology to advertise and maximize any e-mail campaign.

Our email marketing services include:

Bulk Email Marketing

Over the years, we have assisted many clients with our exclusively effective bulk e-mail marketing services and campaigns including auto responders, social media, web form generator and e-mail marketing analytics. Helping your business in taking follow ups from every new prospect, our campaigns help in increasing your sale, advertise them in social media sites automatically and fetch prominent results within less period of time.

Mass Email Marketing

Always believing in the fact that good and effectual mass e-mail marketing campaign doesn’t require costly web based solutions, our expertise can handle effectually all of them on your laptop, stand alone desktop or any machine keeping your own e-mail lists private and manage every aspect of the tactic on your mass e-mail software.

Our mass e-mail marketing software assists marketers in developing campaigns that render results, manage numerous e-mail projects, integrate e-mail data with other databases and third party platforms; raise e-mail efficiency through dedicated account management solutions and measure track conversions and engagement profits.

Third Party Email Marketing

Our third party e-mail marketing campaigns lend several advantages to our users. On the very first note, it helps to save your both time and resources needed to set up and manage an efficient mass e-mail campaign obliging to a wide number of tools to automate the tasks. In addition, it helps in providing strong and efficient tracking and reporting options involving number of e-mails received; conversion rates; click through links that were clicked on and the number of receivers that opened your e-mails. Making use of some of these reports, you can easily figure out the current market trend, figure out what concerns your users more and how you can improvise your forthcoming marketing campaigns and where to focus more into.

For more in-depth information about our e-mail marketing services, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you, share our experience, and provide some of the best guidance and services we have.

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